Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby's Monthly Onesies Applique and a Freebie!

 We recently gave a very special friend of mine a baby shower. Expecting a new baby is always exciting. and this gave me the chance to make a special project which i have been wanting to do for awhile now.

photo courtesy of
The "monthly onesies" idea came from pictures i saw from and it is such a cute idea, sometimes you ask yourself, why didn't i think of that. (lol!). Anyways, to make my version of the project, i used again my ever favorite shirt transfer paper and got to work.

What you need:
- 12pieces plain onesies, size varying from newborn to 12months
- 3sheets white or light colored t-shirt transfer paper
-laser printer
-electric iron

with my crafting stuff, about to start ironing
here are the onesies after i have ironed the design on it
the onesies after i have peeled off the transfer paper
the transfer paper will come with all the instructions, so read them carefully. the design you have to print inverted, so once you iron it onto the onesies, it comes out the correct way.

here is my version of the monthly onesies design

i have directly inverted the design for you and you can download the monthly printable HERE. Just print them on the t-shirt transfer paper with a regular ink printer and viola! =)


  1. really nice... how i wish we have done this before we had liam & yano. hahaha... bestie is surely happy to receive this from you. and i can see another set coming for dimeetra kish or kishtian? hahahahm...

  2. I love these but can't figure out how to download them since they are a rar file.