Saturday, January 7, 2012

mailtime! a surprise postcard from France

a surprise came in the mailbox a few days back. i received this postcard from by Sheila of APOSTCARDADAY. she's got a large collection of postcards shown in her blog, and she updates daily, as the title of her blog says. I really like getting her updates. Thanks again Sheila! for sending a wonderful surprise.

From Sheila's blog, i also found a link to POSTPALS of UK ~ a site which allows you to brighten a sick child's day by sending them mail, a card, letter, postcard, or gifts. as simple as that. i got excited and wrote a few postcards and decorated them with colorful stickers hoping it will bring a smile to the child who will receive it. i sent out my first few postcards last Wednesday. if you have time, do drop by the site and hopefully, send a note or two, to the children on the list.

here is a message from the postpals creator Vikki
it really is very easy and would only take less than 5mins of your time, but would mean a lot to the child who will receive your message. if you are unsure what to write on the card, please check their blogpost about what to say and not to say HERE.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word about PostPals. I think it's a great cause and so easy for us to help.

  2. nice opinion. thanks for sharing...