Thursday, December 29, 2011

mailtime! a few first

i got a few postcards the other day, four to be exact. all first postcards from new countries to add to my collection.

a postcard Faiza of ALGERIA through a direct swap. you can visit her blog and checkout her collection too.

a postcard from BAHRAIN from my Goddaughter Jamela.

a postcard from Heiko of GERMANY by direct swap through postcrossing

and lastly, my very first postcard from my home country PHILIPPINES! this was sent by Martin through a direct swap.
it does feel like christmas getting all the postcards from the mail. Thanks a lot for my direct swaps! i am still waiting for the others to come. Hope my postcards reach you soon too! =)


  1. Hello! I like the Bahrain postcard. Is it possible to obtain a high resolution photo of the postcard ?

    1. Hi Ali! sure, PM me your contact/email address and i will send it to you.