Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mail time! postcards from Norway

two things i wanna share in this post.

first i wanna send a Huge thank you's to VTssarah for the two beautiful postcards all the way from Norway and ING at the same time

two beautiful postcards from VTSsarah (tonje) of Mscraps. a huge thank you to you!

and last month, i signed up with it is an online postcard exchange for postcard collectors. i have already sent out 5postcards, and 3 of those was already registered. so hopefully I am gonna be getting my first postcard soon. if you are curious as to what postcrossing is all about and how it works, you can visit there website HERE.

anyways, while waiting for my first postcrossing card, i have received some messages from other members wanting to exchange postcards directly. it is quite exciting getting to know so many postcard collectors out there.
here are my postcards for the direct exchange ready for mailing. a heads up to Aria, Sergey, and Heiko. hope you guys will like these. =)

postcards ready for the mail later

will go out later to buy more postcards and re-stock. =) have a great weekend!

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